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BHM Automotive
(03) 9555 2764

Gear problems can indicate underlying issues with your vehicle that could impair its handling, reliability and safety. When combined with strange noises or smells from underneath the car, there may be trouble with your vehicle’s transmission.

BHM Automotive is pleased to offer all types of manual and auto transmission repair and servicing. With specialised knowledge in technologies such as DSG clutch, dual clutch and CVT transmission, our experienced technicians are equipped to carry out all transmission work in-house.

Transmission Service & Repairs

We do all types of manual and auto transmission service and repair work. Our technicians have comprehensive knowledge across all aspects of transmission maintenance, from repairing or replacing faulty units to conducting fluid changes.


The clutch is a key part of the transmission system in manual vehicles. There are a number of components in the assembly that can undergo wear and tear, and regular maintenance is recommended. Our team are experienced in all areas of clutch work, including clutch replacement and dual clutch systems.

Specialised DSG Gearbox Services

In certain car models from European manufacturers such as Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen, DSG transmission can be included as an alternative to manual transmission. Our team has the specialised installation and removal tooling, knowledge and experience needed to maintain these systems.

BHM Automotive is your go-to clutch and transmission specialist in Moorabbin. To find out more or make a booking, get in touch today – call us on (03) 9555 2764, or fill out the form below.

For your convenience, we have loan cars available by appointment and a free local pick up and drop off service! See the included local pick up and drop off suburbs here.

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BHM Automotive
in Moorabbin, Vic
(03) 9555 2764

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