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BHM Automotive
(03) 9555 2764

Your vehicle’s braking system is arguably its most important safety feature. However, the stop-and-start nature of urban driving exposes brakes to wear and tear, and this can reduce the system’s effectiveness over time.

Left unchecked, worn out or damaged brakes can put you and your passengers in danger, so it’s worth paying attention to the early signs of a problem. When it comes to brakes, repair jobs should never be put off.

BHM Automotive is your go-to brake specialist in Moorabbin. We provide a comprehensive range of brake services and repairs, from replacing worn or faulty brake pads, discs, drums and other parts, to servicing your vehicle’s brake pedal and hydraulics system for optimal responsiveness.

We also machine new parts in-house, and restore the surface of brake discs for extra longevity.

Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and equipment to work on braking systems in vehicles of all makes and models.

Your peace of mind on the road is our number one priority, and we’ll make sure your brakes are safe and responsive before you drive away.

For all types of brake repairs, Moorabbin drivers can rely on BHM Automotive to do the job right. To reduce the hassle of getting your vehicle serviced, we have loan cars available upon request and free local pick up and drop off service. See the included local pick up and drop off suburbs here.

Fill in our simple contact form to book your inspection, or speak to our friendly team on (03) 9555 2764.

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BHM Automotive
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(03) 9555 2764

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